Since Bill and Christine first opened our doors in 1990, the business has grown in size and in reputation. Bill and Christine’s daughter Judy has been part of the business since she was a teenager. Today, Judy is a mortuary care supervisor with over 20 years experience.

We’ve invested so much of ourselves into what we do that the business and our family are, to a large extent, one and the same thing. So perhaps it’s not surprising that we feel a huge sense of pride in our work and how we can provide comfort to you as you experience such life-changing sorrow.

Because as a family ourselves, helping your family comes naturally to us.

Services we offer include:

  • Mortuary care and embalming by Judy Cole
  • Funeral services in our non-denominational chapel
  • Function facility, as well as peaceful gardens
  • Music and PA System for service
  • Flowers and donations facility in lieu of flowers
  • Cars for loved one and for immediate family
  • Burial and cremation, with several options
  • Coffins and caskets of varying types
  • Prepaid funeral packages


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